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Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows, only time... and your planner! Keep yourself organized and your travelers notebook looking sharp with my minimalistic functional weekly travelers notebooks.

These are perfect for keeping your weekly schedule, plans and lists all in one place. This design includes three months of weekly planning pages, three corresponding monthly spreads and a decorative cover. Months are kept separated by a dot grid spread to allow for frankenplanning and adding monthly dividers!

These notebooks are are available in multiple sizes, as listed. Promotional photo shows a B6 and Classic sized insert. 

Columns are 1.5 inches wide. Slight design variations occur between sizes:

Size Comparison

      This set is printed on excellent quality 32 oz. very smooth paper, 100 brightness. Insert includes 40 pages including decorative cover page.


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      This listing is for physical, printed inserts. Inserts come blank with no accessories or decorations. 

      If ordering a travelers notebook style insert, it will come saddle stitched. If you prefer them without binding, please leave a note in the "Notes to Seller" upon checkout. 

      If ordering a HP insert, it will NOT come hole punched. You will need to punch them yourself.

      If ordering a ring insert, it will come hole punched. If you prefer them without punches, please leave a note in the "Notes to Seller" upon checkout.

      All inserts are cut, punched and bound by hand with love. This means binding and holes may not align exactly from one notebook to the next. You will not notice such small variance once inserts are placed your planner.

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