Planner Lingo

Not sure what a word means? Need clarification on a specific style of planning? We've got you covered in our comprehensive guide to all the planner lingo you need to know.


Blackout Planners - LPA’s exclusive line of planners printed with white, gold or silver ink, onto premium black paper. The result is a luxe nostalgic experience, you have to play with to believe.

Bujo - Short for Bullet Journal, which is a catchall term for any sort of hand drawn planner layout, typically on a dot grid layout.

Dashboards - A card with a decorative design printed on cardstock, or other thick paper, typically 5” x 7” size.

Dividers - Sturdy pages used to divide a planner into sections, typically with some sort of outward pointing tab for easy grabbing. Dividers can be split by month, subject, etc and are highly individualized to the planner.

Discbound Planner - A style of planner binding that holds pages together using Discs instead of rings or strings.

Frankenplan - A planner that is made up of many different pages, typically hyper custom to the user.

Full Box Sticker - A sticker measuring 1.5” x 1.9” - popularized by the planner community and often used as a main sticker size. “Vertical Sticker Kits” almost always use 1.5” size stickers.

Inserts - A general term for a group of planner pages. Can be purchased in ring, disc or TN format. Sizes range from pocket to full sheet size. Typically sold by style and size.

LPA - Lights Planner Action, duh.

Pen Bleeding - this is the amount of ink that sinks through to the back of the page. Most people prefer no bleeding. Due to the thick paper stock we use at LPA, most of our products are bleed proof!

Planner Conference/Meet up - A regional meetup of planners, can range in size from 20-2,000. Most notable among the planner conference circuit is Go Wild.

Pen Ghosting - this is the shadow cast from ink on the opposite side of the page. Its harder to see than pen bleeding, though still irksome to many.

Planner Peace - a concept the planner community created to indicate finding a planner that would meet all of your needs. It is highly debatable as to whether it exists or not.

Planner Spread - The two pages of the planner you are working in. Could be daily, weekly, or monthly. Typically used in reference to a photo of your planner.

Planner Sizes - Planners come in a never ending list of sizes ranging from tiny to huge. Each size also comes in a variety of styes - TN, Rings, Disc, Coil etc. For a list of the sizes we carry click here.

Printables - A downloadable version of a printed product, that can be printed at home by the user.

Ring Planner - Generally a six ring binder style planner. Sizes range from pocket to full sheet size. Often made from leather, pleather or other fabric materials. Can hold between 40-250 pages.

Stay Light, Stay Bright - LPA's unofficial tagline and instagram sign off. The sentiment being: keep your chin up, shine your light on others, and make the world a brighter place.

Travelers Notebook / TN - A bound paper notebook, between 12-48 pages. Bound via two staples through the spine. Can be used alone or strung into a Travelers Notebook Cover.

Travelers Notebook Cover - Generally a four string style notebook holder. Sizes range from Pocket to A5. Often made from leather, pleather or other fabric materials. Can hold between 1-8 notebooks.

WO2P - This is a weekly planner layout that spans across two pages.

WO4P - This is a weekly planner layout that spans across four pages instead of the traditional two. It allows for ample space for planning you days of the week.