Ditch the Doodles: The Perfect Bullet Journal Alternative

Ditch the Doodles: The Perfect Bullet Journal Alternative

Hello again, paper lovers! Let’s face it, we've all been here. You open Instagram, and the first post you see is a bullet journal spread that could double as a piece of artwork. Beautiful, sure, but if you’re like me, you barely have time to write in your planner, let alone transform it into a masterpiece.

That's exactly why I created the Botanical Series, the perfect bullet journal (or bujo as the cool kids call it) alternative for those of us whose stick figures look like they've been hit by a bus.

The Botanical Horizontal Weekly - bullet journal alternative

Here's why our pre-designed, printed and printable planners are becoming a fan favorite:

    1. No Hassle, Just Hustle: The botanical beauties in our series come pre-designed. Yes, that’s right. No more spending hours meticulously drawing out your weekly spread only to realize you've misspelled ‘Wednesday’. With these planners, you have more time to focus on what matters - your plans.
      LPA Botanical Insert - Bujo Alternative
    2. Get Coloring, Not Cursing: If your artistic skill doesn't extend beyond drawing stick figures, fear not. Each page in the botanical series features intricate floral designs begging to be colored in. It’s like a coloring book and planner rolled into one, and it's so therapeutic.
      LPA Botanical Insert - Bullet journal Alternative
    3. Stash Crash: Got a drawer full of neglected stickers collecting dust? It's time for their moment in the sun. Our planners are designed with standard column sizes that will fit your existing planner stickers. Your sticker stash won’t know what hit it.
      Lights Planner Action Botanical Planner - Bullet journal Alternative
    4. Goodbye, Blank Page Fear: Blank pages can be intimidating. You want to start planning, but the terror of ruining a pristine page with a misjudged doodle is real. The Botanical Series banishes that fear. Every page is beautifully laid out, just waiting for you to fill with your plans, dreams, and doodles.
      LPA Botanical Series - Bullet Journal Alternative

Remember, planning should be fun, not a chore. The Botanical Series is all about taking the stress out of bullet journaling, leaving you with the enjoyable bits - planning, coloring, and sticker slapping.

If you're nodding along, thinking, "Yes! I need to simplify my planning!", then it's time to check out the Botanical Series. No artistic degree required, I promise.

Treat yourself to a printable planner (or let me me print it for you!) that marries the creative freedom of a bullet journal with the convenience of a pre-designed planner. Your future self will thank you.

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