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As the great David Bowie once sang, We've got five years, stuck on my eyes - Five years, what a surprise. Don't let five years fly by and feel like a surprise, wouldn't it be much better to take some notes along the way? My five year journal is the perfect practice to highlight yourself (or others!) growth as we flourish over the years!

Available in two formats - with or without prompts, you can use this journal in many different ways! If you opt for the Prompted version of this booklet you will find a new and unique prompt to respond to every day. Prompts range from quick and easy to more thoughtful and forward thinking! The goal was to give you a good mix of questions to answer so that you'll be able to see your changes and growth over time!

Check out a full insert flipthrough to get a better idea of what some of the journaling prompts are:

This journal is a zero waste planner, meaning there is no scraps or unused materials when it is being made. As such, it is only available in one size, and is 4.25" x 5.5". 

This set is printed on excellent quality 32 oz. very smooth paper, 100 brightness. Journal includes 368 pages and laminated cover which you may customize.

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This listing is for physical, printed journal. Inserts come blank with no accessories or decorations. 

Coils are constructed of nylon coated steel, making them sturdier, stronger and heavier than plastic coils. Covers are protected with a crystal-clear photo quality 10mm laminate cover. Combined with my silky 32lb paper, these coil bound planners are constructed to last! 

All inserts are cut, punched and bound by hand with love. This means binding and holes may not align exactly from one notebook to the next. You will not notice such small variance once inserts are placed your planner.