Unlock the Power of the Moon

Harness the potent energy of the moon to supercharge your personal growth, spiritual practices, and productivity. Much like the moon controls the ebb and flow of the tides, it also influences our moods, motivation, and even our physical cycles.

Embrace the practice of moon mapping – aligning your life with the phases of the moon – and discover the peace and power that comes from living in harmony with natural cycles.

Each lunar phase brings its own unique energy. This energy provides opportunities for different activities and introspections. The new moon, for instance, encourages goal setting, while the full moon invites reflection and release. Moon planning not only promotes a deeper connection with the cosmos but also turbocharges your productivity.

Meet The Rani Moon Journal: Your Lunar Companion

Elevate your planning routine by integrating cosmic wisdom with the Rani Moon Journal.  Conceptualized by Rani of Vividly Rani, and designed by me, this unique coil bound planner allows you to follow the moon’s phases over the course of a year, letting you attune to the lunar rhythm.

By aligning your planning and energy levels with the moon phases, you pave the way for a lifestyle of harmony and intention. Embark on a journey of self-understanding and empowerment with this lunar-aligned planner. Also available in blackout.

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Download your FREE Moon Planning Guide

Get started on your lunar journey with Vividly Rani's FREE guide to Moon Planning. This simple PDF printable gives you a weekly focus to streamline your planning according to the moon's phases. Gain insights on the moon's influence and learn to ride its energy waves for enhanced clarity and productivity.


The Rani Collection: Plan, Reflect, Manifest

Discover the full potential of moon planning with the complete Rani Collection. Whether you want to focus on your weekly goals with the Rani Weekly or prefer an overarching view with the Rani Moon Phase Monthly, we have a planner designed to meet your needs. Start your journey towards synchronized living today with the complete Rani Collection in printed, printables and blackout.