Gold Friday Printable Freebies | Are you Naughty or Nice?


Hey friend, hey! Thanks for celebrating Gold Friday with me! Regardless of whether you're shopping or not, I'd like to offer you a completely free printable for your planner! Consider this your pre-holiday gift, from my computer to yours! 

There are two versions of this fantastic printable, if you're feeling a bit saucy, go ahead and give the Naughty Notes page a download. If you're a bit more sweet and prefer no swear words in your planner, the Nice Notes version will be perfect for you!

This download is available in many sizes, feel free to download for either version or both, one size or all of 'em! Please note, this download is for personal use only and made specifically as a thank you for supporting my shop in 2019. Please do not share or make any edits to it.  If you have a friend who would also like a copy, please direct them to my site to download. Please be kind and enjoy this freebie as it is.

Are You Naughty? Download your size:
B6 TN B6 TN With Crop
Are You Nice? Download your size:
B6 TN B6 TN With Crop

Please note, you will need Adobe Acrobat to print. Download the printable instructions for full details on how to print and assemble! Enjoy!