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If there is one thing every planner has in common, its our love of collecting! From pens to washi tapes, we all seem to find ourselves with more crafting options than  we'd ever dreamed of! Keep track of your collections with my Basic Swatch Book! Now available on black paper with white, gold or silver ink!

This simple layout offers space for swatching and labeling anything you'd like! From your Tom Bows to your ever growing sticker character collection, use this swatch insert to keep track of what you have and what you still want to collect!

These inserts are are available in multiple sizes, as listed. Boxes are 1.5" wide to make room for everyone's favorite sticker size. Promotional photo shows a B6 sized layout. Slight design variations may occur between sizes - A6 sizes have only two boxes across, to maintain the 1.5" box size.

This set is printed on excellent quality, 140 gsm (roughly 38lb) black paper. Unlike any other paper I've found, it features a nice, smooth surface with a slight drag as you run your pen across it. It makes for a wonderful feel when used with any white or light color inked pen.

All inserts, except A5 and HP Classic, come with 40 pages. Due to the larger page size of these inserts, they will come with 24 pages.

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This listing is for physical, printed inserts. Inserts come blank with no accessories or decorations. 

Due to variation between computer monitors, the colors of ink on the planners you receive may vary from what you see on your screen in mock up photos.

If ordering a travelers notebook style insert, it will come saddle stitched. If you prefer them without binding, please leave a note in the "Notes to Seller" upon checkout.

If ordering a HP insert, it will NOT come hole punched. You will need to punch them yourself.

If ordering a ring insert, it will come hole punched. If you prefer them without punches, please leave a note in the "Notes to Seller" upon checkout.

If you would like to order an insert pre-punched for an existing coil planner, please leave a note in the "Notes to Seller" upon checkout.

All inserts are cut, punched and bound by hand with love. This means binding and holes may not align exactly from one insert to the next. You will not notice such small variance once inserts are placed your planner.

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