Blackout Inserts FAQ

Blackout Inserts FAQ

What is the blackout paper like?

This truly is unicorn paper! It’s called plike paper because it is plastic-like! It has a very smooth finish with a slight drag as you roll your pen across it. It makes for a writing experience unlike any other. It is 140 GSM, which translates to about 38lb, so it is slightly thicker than my white paper inserts. It has a smooth matte finish, that makes your ink POP off the page. Best of all, removable matte stickers remain repositionable, but even better: premium matte will also lift off the page if you pull slow! I play with paper all day every day and I’ve never seen anything like it!

What types of writing tools will work with it?

Blackout Planner Pen Test

For white pens, I have tested Gelly Roll 0.8, Sarasa 0.5, uni-ball Signo Broad, and Pentel Milky Pop. All work beautifully, and it really comes down to how opaque you like your white ink to be, and how thick you want your lines.

My personal preference at the moment is the Pentel Milky Pop. I am also using the Archer & Olive Acrylographs with these pages and they work beautifully. You do need to make sure your Acrylographs are properly shaken before use to get them at their full opacity, but otherwise they’re a great option if you want to work with paint pens!

Keep in mind, this is a limited list due to what I was able to find at my local craft store. As more people use these inserts and perform pen tests with additional brands, I will revisit this list.

Why do blackout planners cost more than your regular inserts?

The cost to produce blackout inserts is more than what it costs to produce regular inserts. The printing technology, ink and paper are all at a higher price point on the back end, which is reflected in the price you see. That said, I truly believe the increased price is worth the value that you will get from these extra special pages. And these prices are comparable to what many similar shops charge for regular inserts! But fear not, you can always use a PR code to save some money at checkout or wait until our annual Christmas in July or Gold Friday sale!

Can I use XYZ stickers with these?

Yes, I am a firm believer you can use any sticker with any insert! But if you’re asking if the column size is going to fit your namebrand box stickers, the answer is YES! All of my inserts are set up to fit 1.5” stickers – unless otherwise noted on the insert listing.

Can I combine blackout inserts with regular white paper inserts on a coil?

Lights Planner Action B6 Rings Blackout Planner Spread

Of course! In fact I think that would look super cool. You can build a custom coil planner, to your exact specifications, here!

Just keep in mind that you would be getting the entire blackout insert, followed by the entire white page insert.. meaning, I can not combine a couple pages from one insert with a couple pages from another to make a fully blended planner. 

That said, you can always remove the coil and remix the pages on your own and I have an easy tutorial for how to take the coil on and off, here.

Why isn’t XYZ insert available in Blackout style?

Without knowing how high of a demand there would be for these inserts, I prioritized designs based on sales numbers. If you would like to make a request for a particular insert or size to be converted to Blackout style you may do so here. I will take all requests into consideration for future new releases!

Can I see some insert designs in the Blackout style?

Sure, take a watch of this youtube video for some samples and more information on the Blackout Planner lineup!

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Hi Karen, Half Sheet TN measures at 5.4 × 8.3

Lights Planner Action

What is the measurement of the Half Sheet TN ? Thanks.


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