Featured In: Redfin

Featured In: Redfin

Occasionally, we receive inquiries about various planning-related topics, and as a self proclaimed planning expert, I'm confident in tackling just about any question that comes my way. From clever planning techniques to strategies for a more streamlined life, Lights Planner Action has a wealth of knowledge to share!

Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in:

Living with roommates can be a lot of fun and save you money, but it can also get complicated quickly. One of the biggest challenges is keeping organized, no matter how big or small a shared home or apartment is. To avoid conflicts and needless stress, it's essential to have a few key organizational hacks up your sleeve. Whether you’re moving into an apartment in Austin, TX, sharing a house in Seattle, or living in a college dorm room, this guide will keep your shared space clutter-free.

Read the full article here: Use These 7 Expert Tips for Staying Organized With Your New Roommates | Redfin

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