Welcome to our newly revamped planner family! Here, you'll get to meet Billi, Robyn, Mackenzie, Holly, Khloe, and many more.

More than just any name, each new planner title is inspired by a real LPA customer who uses the planner they're named for.

Enjoy browsing their profiles, discover which planner’s personality resonates with you, and maybe even find your planning soulmate.

Dive in to explore their unique features, uncover their quirks, and find the perfect fit for your planning and memory-keeping needs.

Welcome to the LPA family, we can't wait to see which planner you click with!

It's your bestie, Billi

Say hello to Billi, the unstoppable force with a plan. Her planner, speckled with quotes, photos and to-dos, is as lively as she is. You'll find her doodling on her notepad during a work meeting that should have been an email or planning her next trip around the world. An advocate of keeping memories alive, her planner is a colorful tapestry of life's moments.

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Say Hello to Robyn

Next say hello to Robyn, the ever-changing trendsetter, you can catch her leading The Wobble at every planner conference. Always on the lookout for the next exciting idea, she fills her planner with a variety of layouts that reflect her adventurous spirit. From trying new recipes to crafting ideas, her planner is a testament to her ever-evolving interests and thirst for new experiences.

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Return of the Mack-enzie

Up next, we've got Mackenzie, our resident sticker-queen and lover of musical puns. Her planner is her canvas, each box sticker a little story about her day. She's a pro at balancing her roles - as a mom, a professional, and just being her awesome self. You might catch her decompressing after a busy day with her planner out and headphones on, rocking to 90s pop hits.

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Queen Khloe has arrived

Meet Khloe - her days are packed with research, discovery, and the occasional long walk around the lake while data processes. Her whimsical planner is a catalog of fond memories spent with friends and family. Between lab tests and reporting, she finds solace in documenting her life, each grid box a testament to her curiosity and love for the outdoors.

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