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Whether you've got a little red corvette or a pink cadillac, chances are you're required to keep up with some maintenance on your automobile. But how often do things need to be changed or rotated and when was the last time you had your oil done, anyways?! If you don't know the answer to those questions, I've got the insert for you!

My Auto Care Planner is an all in one insert to make sure your vehicle remains in tip-top condition for the long haul. Tracking when your due for maintenance will be a breeze if you keep up with simple planner.

The Auto Care Planner includes auto profiling pages to track what intervals your vehicle requires maintenance as well as the sizes for the various parts you'll need. The automotive contacts spread is perfect to keep insurance, autobody shops, dealerships and other auto-related contacts in one central location for easy follow up.

Followed by 20 pages of maintenance logging, you'll have place to mark down the date, maintenance type, mileage AND most importantly, the next due date! Which will be easy to determine now that you've got all your intervals noted on your profiling pages!

Finally this planner includes 10 pages for tracking detailing jobs like car washes and waxes, 2 pages for tracking recalls and 2 pages for tracking major repairs. All told, this planner is 40 pages and should be large enough to last as long as your car does! Which, now that you are keeping up with maintenance on it, should be a very long time!

Looking to track just mileage for your car? Check out my Auto Mileage Log for more in depth mileage logging.

Keep yourself organized and your travelers notebook looking sharp with my minimalistic functional planner inserts and notebooks. This insert available in multiple sizes, as listed. Promotional photo shows a B6 sized layout. Slight design variations may occur between sizes. All inserts come with 40 pages. 

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