Want your inserts coil bound? No problemo! You can now order all of your favorite Lights Planner Action inserts to be bound on a premium black coil with a custom cover to boot! Any size, any insert! Your coil binding dreams have officially come true. 

Coil bound notebooks are bound with a premium metal coil and durable 10mm laminated cover.  These are built to last the long haul! Available in two coil sizes, you can rock a slim coiled notebook or chunk it up to the extreme, based on your own preference. Please be sure to read the instructions below on how to order your very own custom coiled notebook!

How does it work?

First, add your inserts to your cart! Pick any inserts you want in Pocket Ring, A6 Ring, Personal Ring, Personal Wide Ring, B6 Ring, A5 Ring, HP Mini or HP Classic Size. Please note, all inserts must all be the same size! Coil planners must have between 3-9 inserts on them. Any larger or smaller will not fit. 

Second, fill out your Custom Cover details. Start by selecting what size your coiled planner will be (this should be the same size as the inserts already in your cart!).  

Next, choose what you want your cover to look like! First select a pattern from the drop down menu. Please note cover designs featuring musical text are non customizable and sold as is. Basic patterned covers may be customized with your own text.  

If you want to customize your basic pattern cover: Decide if you want text or not. If you decide to have text, you can choose what font style and what you want the cover to say. Each time you make a change, you should see it reflected in the product image. Please note: I don't have the capability to show the text mockup on screen, instead it will say Your Text Here. However if you'd like to see what your text looks like in either of the two available fonts you may test them out here: script text & doodle test.

Last step is to tell me what order you would like your inserts to be bound in. If you don't fill this part out, I will use my best judgement on the order of inserts.

PHEW, all that too much work? no worries! Just select the WILD CARD option from the cover patterns and I will do all the hard work for you! I'll curate something beautiful for you without you having to think twice! Just make sure to still include the order in which you want your inserts!

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This listing is for the binding upgrade only. You must also purchase the inserts you want coil bound, at the same time.

Mockup photo shows a Personal Wide coil planner. Cover pattern placement and text size may vary slightly based on the size of the inserts you select.

Coils are constructed of nylon coated steel, making them sturdier, stronger and heavier than plastic coils. Covers are protected with a crystal-clear photo quality 10mm laminate cover. Combined with my silky 32lb paper, these coil bound planners are constructed to last! 

Coil size is determined based on how many inserts you are threading onto your coil.
XS coil = 3 inserts  |   S coil = 4-5 inserts   |   M coil = 6-7 inserts  |   L coil = 8-9 inserts

All inserts are cut, punched and bound by hand with love. This means binding and holes may not align exactly from one notebook to the next. You will not notice such small variance once inserts are placed your planner.