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The Beatle's said it best, all you need is love, and if you do all things with love the world is a much greater place. Celebrate love with this gorgeous dashboard!

These gorgeous floral dashboards are the perfect addition to your planner, desk, photo frame or any other place you'd like to use them. Printed on extremely smooth, high quality thick card stock, these dashboards will stand up to the test of time!

Dashboards are 5x7" and printed on 16pt satin finish paper. They are single sided, with design on the front and a blank back side.

This next clue requires a bit of pop culture knowledge, but no trouble if you're a fan of the habit. This song was sung by a group of women in the follow up movie to their original on screen success. If you're wondering what the heck that means, feel free to follow him, follow him whereever he may go.

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This listing is for physical, printed dashboard. Dashboard will come with no additional accessories or decorations that may be shown in photo.