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Do you ever feel like social media is just too much to take on some times? We've all been there, but I say, a little less conversation, a little more action please! Having an actionable social media game plan can really improve your ability to post all the things, in all the places, and this Daily Socialite Planner will help you get there.

I created this layout after struggling to keep track of where and what I was posting on the different channels I use. Totally undated, you can use this planner at any time you need it. Start by filling out the gorgeous script monthly calendar with you social overview and general game plan. Then, break it all down in the simple weekly overview page. Finally, take it step by step and day by day, using the daily pages that make up the majority of this awesome insert.

Each daily page has space to mark down to-dos, social posts, and the space to time it all out within your schedule. Larger sized planners (personal, personal wide and B6) also have space to jot down what you'd like to accomplish the next day. Perfect for those tasks that simply can wait until tomorrow.

These planner inserts are are available in multiple sizes, as listed. Promotional photo shows a B6 sized layout. Slight design variations may occur between sizes. As mentioned larger planner sizes have room for tomorrow's tasks on the daily spreads, see comparison photo for more detail.

This set is printed on excellent quality 32 oz. very smooth paper, 100 brightness. Insert includes 48 pages, including decorative cover page. Insert includes one monthly calendar, 5 weekly calendars and 35 daily planning pages.

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This listing is for physical, printed inserts. Inserts come blank with no accessories or decorations. 

If ordering a travelers notebook style insert, it will come saddle stitched. If you prefer them without binding, please leave a note in the "Notes to Seller" upon checkout. 

If ordering a HP insert, it will NOT come hole punched. You will need to punch them yourself.

If ordering a ring insert, it will come hole punched. If you prefer them without punches, please leave a note in the "Notes to Seller" upon checkout.

All inserts are cut, punched and bound by hand with love. This means binding and holes may not align exactly from one insert to the next. You will not notice such small variance once inserts are placed your planner.