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 *Tab tape is priced $5.50 per roll OR you may order both rolls at the discounted rate of $10 WITH a coil planner purchase*

How many times have you had to flip through your planner endlessly looking for a specific page because you had no way of book marking it?! Honestly it's such a pain, so when Lauren Phelps Designs came out with her first rolls of Tab Tape I knew I had to get a piece of the action and I am so excited to release this awesome collaboration to all of you!

My tab tapes are available in two designs. The first is a monthly set - featuring my favorite Doodle header treatment, you can tab out each month of the year! The second set I'm calling a Mix Tape (pun intended!) and it features some of my favorite page flagging headers, including Notes, Important, and Today as well as some simple icons like hearts, stars, bows and ampersands! Each roll includes 40 sets of 13 tabs so it should last you for MANY planners to come!

Printed with a beautiful silver holographic foil, these tabs add luxury to your planner with minimal effort!

Best of all, this second generation of tab tape is perforated for easy tabbing! No scissors necessary! Simply pull tape off the roll and gently rip to grab a tab to mark the page you want to return to! Place the tape tab along the edge of the paper and fold over! Viola! Plus because it's washi tape you can easily remove or move it if you decide to change planners! 

For more awesome tab tape options, be sure to check Lauren Phelps Designs full line of tab tapes and collaborations!

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This listing is for one (or more) physical, roll of 20mm washi tab tape. No other accessories pictured in product shots are included. Tab tape is already perforated for easy ripping. 

Discounted pricing is only available WITH a coil planner purchase. Any orders placed with the discounted rate that are not ordered with a coil planner will be canceled.