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Now available in Blackout style!

Lets face it: cleaning sucks! It's NOT a fun task, but it is a necessary evil and one that I can help you make a bit more manageable! By the time you're done with my Cleaning Tasklist you'll be singing another one bites the dust! 

Each notepad page is broken down by area so you can list the major tasks for each section of your house. To the left of your lists is a weekly calendar to dole out tasks throughout the week so you're not trying to clean everything on Saturday!

Notepads include 20 sheets, sized 5.5 x 8.5", printed on excellent quality, 140 gsm (roughly 38lb) black paper. Unlike any other paper I've found, it features a nice, smooth surface with a slight drag as you run your pen across it. It makes for a wonderful feel when used with any white or light color inked pen. Sheets are single sided, with design on the front and a blank back side.


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This listing is for physical, printed notepad. Notepads come blank with no accessories or decorations.