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One of my favorite forms of communication as of lately is Marco Polo. This fantastic video messaging platform is great for keeping in touch with planner friends near and far BUT I've been finding myself needing a place to keep notes of conversations for my more long winded friends!

Enter the Marco Polo notepad! Available in two versions, this fun notepad features a gorgeous header that's perfect for coloring or enjoying in all its monochrome glory. Each notepad cycles through four header patterns:

Variation One features woodgrain, chevron, and simple dotted patterns.

Variation Two features floral and heart patterns.

Notepads include 20 sheets, sized 5.5 x 8.5", printed on excellent quality 32 oz. very smooth paper, 100 brightness. They are single sided, with design on the front and a blank back side.


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This listing is for physical, printed notepad. Notepads come blank with no accessories or decorations.