Australia Wildfire Relief Fundraiser

Australia Needs our Help

By now I’m sure you’ve seen/heard about the Australia bushfires that have been devastating the area. It’s a disaster of enormous proportions and it effects so many – people, animals, the environment itself.  Over half a billion animals have been affected.  Entire towns have been reduced to burnt rubble.  And to date, 28 people have lost their lives, including several volunteer firefighters.

One of my goals for 2020 is to create more fundraising opportunities using the platform I have built. I myself cannot always contribute large donations, however I can encourage others to join me in small charitable ways, helping to make a larger overall impact.

Helping in Small Ways

So on that note, today I am launching a Valentines Fundraiser to benefit relief efforts for the Australia bushfires.  For a donation of just $10, you will receive a download for six adorable koala themed Valentines.

Australia Wildfire Relief Fundraising Valentines Cards

The download includes three files – two are B6 sized (5x7) Valentines cards, perfect for giving to a friend or tucking inside your planner. The other file is a smaller Valentine printable featuring four cards on one sheet, for easy cutting and folding. This is the perfect activity to do with your little one as the can color their valentines and personalize them for their friends. They also would make adorable bookmarks or ephemera for your planner.

How to Help

All you have to do is donate $10 (or more!) to one of the following* charities:

Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund:

Wires Wildlife Rescue:

Animals Australia:

The Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund:

*If you have another charity campaign you wish to donate to, that is acceptable as well. These are simply four charities I picked due to their reach and legitimacy. Please note however, this must be a NEW donation. If you have already donated somewhere, I am asking you to make another donation to receive this free printable gift.

How to Receive your Printable Gift

Once you have donated, please send me a screen shot or other proof of donation to with the subject KOALA. You MUST put Koala in the subject line, or your email will not be filtered properly to receive the download files.

Your download link will include the files to download all six cards pictured below:

Australia Wildfire Relief Fundraiser Valentines Australia Wildfire Relief Fundraiser Valentines