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Undated Daily Journal

The Bess Mental Health Journal | Blackout | Printed

The Bess Mental Health Journal | Blackout | Printed

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Duration: 38 Days

Pages: 40

Description: Known as The Bess, this designer mental health journal encourages us all to embrace the practice of daily reflection on what we're proud of, grateful for, and working on. We can embrace mindfulness, grace, and self-compassion.


  • Undated daily journal
  • Each page allows for reflection upon what you're proud of, grateful for and working on
  • An open-ended graph column provides room for drawing or writing
  • Pairs well with our Weekly Mental Health Journal
Proud of... Growing up we are constantly showered with words of praise and affirmation as we meet various milestones, learn new skills and go to school. But as you age into adulthood there are very few opportunities for someone to tell you they're proud of you.

Grateful for... Life is full of darkness, and sometimes it can feel like that's all that is there. Taking time to acknowledge some of the good things in life can shift your mindset, even if its just for a moment.

Dear Me... Try to imagine a good friend coming to you with all of the same problems that you have. What would you say to that friend to comfort them? Do you have any advice to share or is now a time to fully acknowledge their feelings? Write those things down for yourself.

Working on... Inevitably, after all the other prompts are filled in, there will be something that stands out as needing your focus and attention. Call this area out as something you'd like to work on and your brain will begin to find opportunities for you to practice. 

Be sure to watch the full video flip through of the coil planner this design came from to see how it could benefit your life!

Page Breakdown

  • 40 pages total including cover
  • 38 days of journaling

Product Specs

Lights Planner Action laser prints all blackout designs using NEW excellent quality, 90 gsm (roughly 24lb) black paper. Our new blackout paper dries faster and features a nice, smooth surface with a slight drag as you run your pen across it. It makes for a wonderful feel when used with any white or light color inked pen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I love all her items and the love she puts into making them. I had the opportunity to meet her at a planner convention and she’s a wonderful person!!!

Helped me so much!

I love this journal design by Bess. The questions really give me a space to get things out of my head, but also focus on what really matters. I love this blackout paper, it makes journaling fun with metallic, bright colored, and white gel pens.